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Entrepreneurship is our heritage and the foundation of our success. We live this tradition by providing our employees the opportunity for delegated responsibilities, freedom of action and personal accountability in all stages of their career. We promote a multi-cultural environment where employees work together in world-wide teams and flat organizational structures.

Seeking new talents

We focus on strong performance management processes to engage our employees and focused talent management processes to develop our talent. Via these processes, Freudenberg Performance Materials has the capability to challenge its employees by offering them opportunities to hold (senior) leadership positions early on in their careers.

We strive to provide a variety of career opportunities for students and individuals seeking entry level positions as well as opportunities for experienced professionals and managers who would like to leverage their current depth of knowledge and skills.

Further aspects of our corporate culture

Talent Management

As an innovative and broadly diversified technology company, we can only be successful in an ever more complex working world if we have international and highly qualified staff. To ensure that we do, we participate in the Group-wide talent management process of the Freudenberg Group and the various further education programs it offers. We also develop additional training measures ourselves for the more specific needs of our business unit.

The LEAD program

Among the Group’s training programs are, for example, the Freudenberg Leadership Development Program for managers and those who aspire to become managers, and the Executive Development Program Strategic Leadership and Business Leadership. Our Leadership Effectiveness And Development – or LEAD – program is a key building block of our business-group-specific training program.

The program is a worldwide initiative directed at management staff who generally have commercial responsibility and head a regional or global division in a matrix organization, but it is also conceived for local management teams. As a participant, you are given feedback that helps you gain new insights on the fundamentals of leadership responsibility. You learn how to be a more effective manager and take an in-depth look at issues such as change management and leading virtual teams. In the LEAD program, you pass through various project-based modules together with colleagues and coaches.

Further development measures

In addition to the programs mentioned above, we also offer our staff and executives a wide range of personal and organizational development measures that encompass modern and individually tailored qualification options, the professional design and moderation of workshops, personal coaching and assistance with change processes. We are constantly adding to the range of programs on offer. 

Internationality and diversity


Working closely with colleagues from various parts of the company, with customers, partners, scientists and academics is part of what we do on a daily basis. Coming up with sustainable solutions together that improve living conditions around the world is what motivates us and at the same time what makes us so successful. In all our business units and in all parts of the world, we live and work according to the credo "Innovating Together". That enables us to offer our customers solutions today that give them answers to tomorrow's questions.

Here are some examples of what we mean: 

Collaborating across continental boundaries is a key to success 

FPM’s shoe components business unit is adding PUMA to its list of customers. The sporting goods manufacturer PUMA is using an FPM nonwoven in its PWRCOOL shoe range. The temperature-regulating nonwoven from Freudenberg is incorporated in the tongue of the shoe. The makers of top-quality shoe brands are set up globally and very demanding when it comes to selecting their suppliers. This deal with PUMA is recognition of our global teamwork, in particular the achievements of our colleagues in Asia and Germany.

Mixed teams design outstanding solutions

Experts agree that lithium-ion batteries are a solution for the future. However, these compact power packs are extremely sensitive. If the anode and cathode of the battery cell (the positive and negative polls) are not durably and effectively separated from each other by material that also acts as an ion conductor, short circuits may occur.

This situation can be remedied by a new separator produced in Germany by Freudenberg Performance Materials. A development team comprising men and women of varying ages, nationalities and fields of expertise developed an extremely thin nonwoven impregnated with ceramic materials.

The nonwoven separator is extremely heat-resistant and can tolerate temperatures up to several hundred degrees Celsius. It does not shrink and is significantly less sensitive to mechanical effects than conventional polyolefin membranes. The nonwoven is extremely flexible and still only has a thickness of about 25 micrometers following impregnation. Alongside the specialist expertise, another crucial success factor in developing this pioneering innovation was the mix of different strengths, experiences and perspectives among the team members. 

Developing groundbreaking solutions

Nonwoven wound pads

Our world is growing ever closer together and changing rapidly. The new challenges that are emerging as a result need solutions. We work together in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams on innovative products, services and sustainable ways of lastingly improving living conditions around the globe and meeting the needs of our customers. Here you will find two of our many innovative and groundbreaking solutions that give our customers and society in general real added value: 

Protecting the environment  

Recycling waste and thus reducing CO2 emissions is an ideal form of environmental protection. We use post-consumer PET bottles to manufacture reinforcements for bituminous roofing membranes and other products for various applications in the construction industry. We purchase bottles, wash and shred them before reducing them to “flakes” the size of a finger nail and using them to manufacture polyester fiber nonwovens. These nonwovens are sold and used in roofing membranes or insulation material. Freudenberg Performance Materials is the largest recycler of post-consumer PET bottles in Europe.

For a better and longer life 

In chronic wounds such as diabetic foot syndrome or decubitus (bedsores), the healing process is better supported if a wound pad is used that keeps the wound in a moist environment and prevents it from drying out.

Freudenberg Performance Materials developed hydro-cleaning fibers that form a gel when they come into contact with the wound. This gel binds the wound exudate, guides it to the core of the wound pad and activates the wound healing processes. Going a step further, side by side with our customers, we developed an innovative wound pad for advanced wound care. It can be sterilized, is resistant to shrinking, includes hydrogelling fibers and there is no toxic effect from the fibers. 

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