Innovations that sustainably strengthen customers and the environment

Current examples of pioneering nonwoven solutions

Innovative power and a pioneering spirit hallmark Freudenberg Performance Materials. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience cover the entire product life cycle: from R&D to manufacturing. We work together with customers, partners and research institutes. This has made us what we are today: the world’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of technical textiles.
Working in a global network, our 160 developers collaborate closely with internal and external research institutes. Within the Freudenberg Group the team of 250 associates at Freudenberg Research Services support us as well.

Many new developments in a wide range of segments testify to our innovative capability. Among them are the following:

Gas Diffusion Layer

Fuel cells

Vehicles with electric motors are a promising alternative to vehicles that run on fossil fuels. These electric motors are powered by fuel cells, for which Freudenberg Performance Materials provides nonwovens that play an important role as a gas-diffusion layer in the conversion of chemical to electrical energy.

FPM Developments

Lithium-ion batteries

Thermally safe separators from Freudenberg Performance Materials are key components in large-format lithium-ion batteries, such as those used in electric vehicles. They electrically separate the negative and positive electrodes from each other and are permeable to ions, thereby enabling the electrochemical process.

Super Cap

Super caps

Known in the industry as ‘super caps’, supercapacitors are high-performance capacitors that work in a similar way to these batteries and have a particularly high capacity. Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed special ‘separator nonwovens’ especially for this application. Super caps can store and discharge energy very quickly, when necessary. They are used, for example, during the lifting and lowering of containers when loading and unloading ships.

Redox flow batteries

Redox flow batteries with liquid electrolyte tanks represent the big hope for the efficient storage of large amounts of energy. Like conventional batteries, redox flow batteries can release the stored energy at any time. With their great capacity, redox flow batteries will be used to store energy in wind and solar power plants, for example. Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed particularly efficient electrodes for this type of battery.

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