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Freudenberg Performance Materials is a leading global manufacturer of innovative technical textiles offering differentiated value propositions to a broad range of markets and applications such as Apparel, Automotive, Building Interiors, Construction, Energy, Hygiene, Medical, Shoe and Leather goods as well as Specialties.

Our aim is to be a pioneer in the technological development of innovative materials and solutions as well as new production processes. We work together with our international customers in diverse teams to create tailor-made solutions that bring decisive added value to their operations.


Here you will find the most important questions and answers concerning Freudenberg Performance Materials:

Where is Freudenberg Performance Materials located?

Freudenberg Performance Materials is active worldwide. We have a global presence with over 40 locations in 13 countries across the globe, 23 of which are production sites. The company’s headquarters are in Weinheim, Germany.

What is the turnover of Freudenberg Performance Materials?

In 2018, Freudenberg Performance Materials achieved total revenues of over 920 million Euros.

How many people work at Freudenberg Performance Materials?

At the end of 2018, we employed over 3,600 colleagues worldwide.

What does sustainability mean to Freudenberg Performance Materials?

To us, sustainability means that protection of the environment and social responsibility are integral parts of our global business activities and our efforts to achieve economic success. Freudenberg Performance Materials is committed to sustainability along the entire value chain and lifecycle of our products. This commitment can be seen in our quality management, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and sustainable processes in manufacturing. It is also expressed in the way in which we select our partners and suppliers according to these values. In addition, we consider environmentally friendly waste management to be an important element of our sustainability engagement.

Which certifications does Freudenberg Performance Materials hold?

We are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 (quality management), DIN ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety).

In specific terms, this means that all our sites are certified according to OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment). With regard to quality management, many of our locations are DIN EN ISO 9001 and/or ISO/TS 16494 certified. Because energy and raw materials management is becoming a critical success factor, our goal is to introduce a certified energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 for sites with high levels of energy consumption.

Does Freudenberg Performance Materials offer ecological products?

Yes. We offer innovative ecological products and solutions, for instance, made from recycled polyester. Please find more information in the sustainability section.

Which raw materials does Freudenberg Performance Materials use?

We mainly use synthetic polymers or fibers such as polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA) and viscose. For PET products, we most often use recycled PET chips, flakes and fibers.

Which guidelines govern the business practices of Freudenberg Performance Materials?

Our guiding principles are based on the guiding principles of the Freudenberg Group. We have summarized these for our employees around the world, our business partners and the public. They have applied for all business groups within the Freudenberg Group since 1887.

Are there other businesses that carry the Freudenberg name?

Freudenberg Performance Materials is the nonwovens specialist of the Freudenberg Group. This global technology company has 11 business groups and is active in around 60 countries. In 2017, the Freudenberg Group generated sales of more than 9.3 billion Euros and employed more than 48,000 people. You can find more information about the Freudenberg group at www.freudenberg.com

Who are the customers of Freudenberg Performance Materials?

Freudenberg Performance Materials is a leading global provider of innovative technical textiles for a wide range of markets and applications. These include Apparel, Automotive, Building Interiors Construction, Energy, Hygiene, Medical, Shoe and Leather goods as well as Specialties. Our spectrum of customers is equally wide ranging, from small private companies to large multinational public companies.

Where might I come across Freudenberg Performance Materials products in everyday life?

Our products are mostly invisible but always indispensable. They form an important part of many consumer products and industrial applications:

  • Automotive (e.g. headliners, interior trim, carpeting)
  • Apparel (e.g. interlinings in suits)
  • Buildings (e.g. carrier materials for tufted carpets, acoustic nonwovens, wipes and cleaning cloths, substrates for bituminous roofing membranes)
  • Hygiene products (e.g. baby diapers, sanitary napkins and incontinence products)
  • Shoes (e.g. insoles for sports shoes)
  • Batteries (separators in NiMH and lithium-ion batteries)
  • Cables (e.g. water-blocking jackets in power lines and submarine cables)
  • Medical products (e.g. traditional and modern wound care and ostomy care)
  • Foodstuffs (e.g. bakery pads and tea bags).

I’m looking for an individual solution. How do I find the right contact person at Freudenberg Performance Materials?

You have two ways to get in touch with us via our website. You can get in touch with one of the contacts shown on the pages of your desired market segment or material. Alternatively, click on the envelope icon located in the top right corner of our homepage to use the general contact form. If you already have a personal contact, simply call or email him or her directly. Whichever route you choose, we will be happy to discuss your technical requirements and propose a suitable solution.

What are the special strengths of Freudenberg Performance Materials?

We have a global presence
We are present across the globe and are precisely where our customers need us.

We are innovative
Our aim is to be a pioneer in the technological development of innovative materials, solutions and production methods.

We cover almost all technologies
As a pioneer in manufacturing technical textiles we have extensive know-how in almost all relevant technologies as well as long-lasting experience - the ideal basis to precisely meet our customers‘ needs.

We offer customized solutions
We work together with our international customers in diverse teams to create tailor-made solutions that bring decisive added value to their operations.

I am interested in job vacancies at Freudenberg Performance Materials. Who can I contact?

Click on the “career” button on our homepage. There you will be able to find out which vacancies are currently available and how our application process works. The “careers” menu also includes a contact function that connects you directly to our HR department.

Who do I contact if I want to buy products from Freudenberg Performance Materials?

We have provided direct purchasing contact functions on all our market segment pages.

I’m a supplier of raw materials. Who should I contact?

FV Service SE & Co. KG is the service provider for companies in the Freudenberg Performance Materials business group. Our purchasing and procurement experts take care of all delivery and supply issues, including the full range of directly sourced materials (raw materials, shipping), indirect materials (MRO), plant equipment and machinery, capital goods and services. Send an email to our procurement department.

I would like to become a business partner of Freudenberg Performance Materials. Who should I contact?

Please get in touch with our procurement department.

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