Composites: materials, technologies & applications

Efficient processes for high-performance technical textiles

Providing customized solutions is one of our key services. A combination of various processes and materials is often required to meet our customers‘ needs. As the only company covering nearly all technologies for the manufacturing of technical textiles we are able to provide a variety of composites.

Composites can be produced in different ways:

Composite - single production step

In a single production step

Two different web forming processes like the spunlaid and meltblown technology (e. g. for spunlaid / meltblown / spunlaid fabrics, so called SMS) are combined in one processing step. These technologies can be used for e. g. hygiene applications such as baby diapers. The spunlaid fabric is responsible for the mechanical strength of the end product, the meltblown layer offers barrier function resulting in lateral moisture protection.

Composite - two production steps

In two production steps

Two different materials are laminated in an additional production step. The Lutraflor® technology e. g. combines spunlaid and drylaid nonwovens laminated by needle punching. Very often nonwovens are laminated with films or foams, especially for medical products. In odour adsorptions active carbon is impregnated in a foam, the foam is laminated to a nonwoven.

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