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Nonwovens and microfilament textiles from Freudenberg Performance Materials make a significant contribution to making driving more cost-efficient, climate-friendly and comfortable. Materials for automotive absorb sound effectively, ensure a pleasant climate inside the vehicle and help save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Even demanding surfaces and a wide variety of designs can be perfectly realized. With these intelligent nonwoven solutions, we help our customers to offer competitive, environmentally friendly products.

Our solutions at a glance

  • Headliner Facings

    An easy route to your destination: nonwovens for automotive headliners

    Freudenberg Performance Materials develops innovative materials that are optimally suited for use in automotive headliners as well as trunk and rear seat coverings. With their high-quality 3D surface, these mechanically bonded nonwovens are characterized by excellent abrasion resistance. Pioneering printing process technologies developed by our experts enable the most demanding design variants to be realized.

    Nonwovens are also lighter than woven variants and therefore support a more economical driving style.

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  • Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers

    Battery pack liquid absorbers protect battery packs

    Liquids inside lithium-ion battery packs can significantly diminish their function and lifespan. Freudenberg Performance Materials developed its battery pack liquid absorbers to prevent such problems. The absorbent pads capture and reliably store condensate and leaking coolant.

    With adjustable absorption capacity and custom geometries, battery pack liquid absorbers ensure long-lasting battery packs.

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  • Tufted Carpet Backings

    Easy to mold and dimensionally stable: tuft backing for automotive carpets

    Spunlaid nonwovens based on Freudenberg technology lead the way as primary and secondary tufted backings for shaped automotive carpets. Freudenberg Performance Materials provides a technical fabric that can be easily molded, even at low temperatures, and therefore enables economical processing.

    The material’s outstanding dimensional stability ensures an exact fit. Very good lay-flat characteristic, non-fray properties and stiffness make these materials the first choice as components for fitted automotive mats.

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  • Molded Carpets

    Ecologically convincing: nonwovens based on Lutraflor® technology for molded automotive carpets

    With nonwovens based on Lutraflor® technology, Freudenberg Performance Materials offers the perfect solution for automotive carpets, insert mats and interior and trunk linings. Made from recycled polyester, the material has a high-quality appearance, an environmentally friendly production process and excellent formability. At the same time, we have succeeded in completely eliminating the use of latex and other chemical binders.

    Compared to conventional automotive carpets, these nonwovens provide weight savings of up to 40 percent.

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  • Friction Inserts

    Friction Inserts - innovative technology to enhance the friction coefficient

    Friction Inserts allow for more lightweight, compact component design and the transmission of up to five times higher torque and shear forces between the parts. Friction Inserts significantly increase the static friction coefficient and enhance the performance of bolted or press fitted joints in engine, chassis, and powertrain applications.

    This innovative friction enhancing technology combines a unique hard-particle coating and a special nonwoven. It is made of 100% inert materials and has no impact on the tolerances between the joining parts. Due to the wide range of particle sizes, it can also be used successfully in cathodic e-coating applications.
    Friction Inserts are selected and tailored to the individual needs of each application.

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  • Underbody

    Innovative nonwoven composite utilizing Freudenberg technology for molded underbody panels and wheel liners.

    Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed a unique multi-layer composite that offers improved performance for the Underbody and Wheel Liner market. This new product offering exhibits improved durability, abrasion, acoustical performance, temperature resistance, and tear properties, all while offering a 15-40% weight savings compared to current product offerings.

    The construction is 100% recyclable and can be utilized in a closed loop system.

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  • Fuel Cell Components

    Leading the way: high-tech nonwovens for fuel cells

    Whether in the automotive industry as propulsion unit or range extender, whether for consumer electronics, forklift trucks, aerospace, back-up power or stationary electricity or power generation, fuel cell technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. Developed specifically for this pioneering market, gas diffusion layers (GDL) from Freudenberg Performance Materials are characterized by excellent quality standards and exceptional functional flexibility. Perfect management of reaction media optimized for all operation modes, high thermal and electric conductivity, optimum protection of the membrane against damage and very good processing properties are just a few of the features that characterize these advanced nonwovens.

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  • Cargo Cover

    Less weight, more stability: nonwovens for cargo screens

    Freudenberg Performance Materials offers innovative materials for cargo screens in a wide range of SUVs and station wagons. These nonwovens weigh considerably less than classic PVC materials helping to lower fuel consumption. These technical materials are also characterized by good tactile properties. In winter, drivers benefit from the reliable dimensional stability at low temperatures.

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  • Acoustic Composites

    Sound absorption at the highest level with Evolon® microfilament technology

    Freudenberg Performance Materials offers innovative microfilament materials that provide outstanding sound absorption inside the vehicle. Evolon® is made of microfilaments which are up to 100 times thinner than a human hair. This means significantly lower weight and therefore reduced fuel consumption. 

    In addition, the Evolon® microfilament material can be easily molded, cut and glued. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications in the car, e.g. efficient  sound absorption components in interior trims, dashboards, hoods and car mats.

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  • Acoustic-Pads

    Ultralight Sound Absorbers

    These lightweight acoustic absorbers made by Freudenberg Performance Materials are as light as a feather, easy to work with and invisible when installed.
    The acoustic absorbers are ideally suited to high-frequency ranges, making them perfect for e-mobility applications. Due to their low weight, they also help to increase the range of electrically driven vehicles. The absorbers can be used in many areas of the vehicle, such as door panels and trunk liners, the headliner, the A, B and C pillars as well as the wheel-arch liners.

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