Nonwovens: materials, technologies & application

Pathbreaking technical textiles for innovative products

Nonwovens by Freudenberg Performance Materials are manufactured using state of the art technologies. These technical textiles are perfect for a large number of applications and markets including the automotive, apparel construction and medical industries. The portfolio includes drylaid, spunlaid and meltblown and wetlaid nonwovens. With high technical ability and a wide range of clients in varied industries, Freudenberg Performance Materials is your ideal partner for nonwoven technologies.

Freudenberg Peformance Materials has been called for this expertise by a range of industry types around the world. This includes top firms in the chemical, geotextile, feminine hygiene, and medical industries. Automotive specialists have called upon Freudenberg Performance Materials needle-punched nonwovens for innovative cargo covers. Nonwoven materials from Freudenberg Performance Materials can be found within the energy industry for light diffusion and battery cell technologies. No matter where innovative products are found, Freudenberg Performance Materials is never far behind.

Drylaid nonwovens

Drylaid nonwovens

Nonwovens formed from staple fibers. High Fabric weight thanks to crosslappers. Technology details. …

Spunlaid nonwovens

Spunlaid nonwovens

High melt flow index. Low capillary throughput. Technology details. …

Meltblown nonwovens

Meltblown nonwovens

The meltblown process is similar to the spunlaid process. …


Wetlaid nonwovens

A process for nonwovens of varying materials. Technology details. …


Polymers, polyester super absorbing powder (SAP), water-soluble binders, ceramic-impreganted, .. are just some of the high performance materials and aspects of Freudenberg Performance Materials textiles.


From single-layer swelling nonwovens to hydroactive and hygienic textiles, Freudenberg Performance Material's solutions mean the latest in fabric and fibre technologies. Through innovative research and development of different material technologies, Freudenberg Performance Materials has created a range of nonwoven geotextiles, medical nonwovens, durable nonwovens, and much more while ensuring sustainable solutions across the textile industry.


Nonwoven Materials are used in great effect in the automotive industry. These nonwoven fabrics energise cars into being more cost-efficient, climate friendly, and comfortable. Leading healthcare manufactures make use of Freudenberg Performance Materials' textiles for a range of products including first aid dressings. Additional usage of Freudenberg Performance Materials' nonwoven products can be found in the energy sector. From nonwovens for fuel cells to high performance nonwovens for light diffusion.

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