More energy efficiency and more comfort

Technical textiles that make buildings even more economically efficient

In modern buildings, high energy-efficiency and long component life are central aspects of economic efficiency. Freudenberg Performance Materials offers a broad portfolio of high-tech nonwovens, as well as composites, and microfilament textiles that meet all these requirements while also focusing strongly on environmental impact.

Our technical textiles for the construction industry are highly versatile and can be extremely well processed. The range extends from nonwovens for roofing solutions to materials for building protection and geotextiles for stabilizing streets as well as railway beds.

  • Roofing

    Aiming high with high-performance solutions: nonwovens for roof waterproofing

    Freudenberg Performance Materials is leader in the roofing market, with a wide range of high performing carrier materials for bituminous membranes. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities for staple fiber and spunbonded nonwovens, our experts are able to manufacture highly functional materials for even the most demanding requirements.

    In addition to traditional polyester nonwovens– also available with fiberglass reinforcements– we offer high quality products for the bitumen modifiers membranes industry.

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  • Prefabricated Vertical Drain

    Filtration, separation, protection: advanced geotextiles for the construction industry

    Geotextile building materials are essential for geotechnical construction work in order to extend the service life and resilience of surfaces. Freudenberg Performance Materials offers flexible, resistant and safe geotextiles which are perfect for highly engineered applications. The staple or spunbound materials are characterized by outstanding features, such as very good flow rates, permeability, puncture strength, durability and UV stability. Our high-tech geotextiles are used in pre- fabricated vertical drains for the reinforcement of roads and railway beds, the construction of underground garages and roof gardens, security of landfill sites and prevention of slope erosion.

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  • Construction

    For the protection of buildings: nonwovens for the construction industry from Freudenberg Performance Materials

    On the basis of sound technical expertise, permanent research, precise knowledge of market requirements and flexible production facilities, Freudenberg Performance Materials is able to offer a wide range of nonwovens for the construction industry.

    By continuing to expand and develop our portfolio, the innovative materials we create ensure that our customers are prepared to meet the requirements of the future. For example, with our high-tech nonwovens for thermal and sound insulation or our geotextiles.

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