Sound absorption, reduction of energy costs and UV protection

Technical textiles for efficient interior construction

The portfolio of Freudenberg Performance Materials comprises technical textiles which offer premium flexibility. The range of solutions extends from acoustic nonwovens for reliable sound absorption to materials that lower energy costs, and microfilament textiles for UV protection. Our outstanding expertise is reflected in the development of all our technical textiles. This guarantees excellent functionality and quality of the materials. Our customers also profit from our experts’ comprehensive advice.
  • Teppichträger

    Efficiency and comfort from a single source: nonwovens and microfilament textiles for outfitting buildings

    Whether in offices or residential buildings, hospitals, schools or competent authorities, nonwovens from Freudenberg Performance Materials help to reduce energy costs in any building.

    For example, high-quality, environmentally friendly primary and secondary backings for tufted carpets, carpet tiles and dust control mats based on our proprietary technology. High-performance acoustic nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology ensure optimum sound absorption.

    Sun protection solutions based on Evolon® technology contribute to cost-effective fabrication and a pleasant ambience. Even when used as reinforcement, as an insulation layer or for light filtration, innovative materials from Freudenberg Performance Materials set standards in terms of quality and functionality.

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  • sun protection

    Evolon®: sun protection designed by the experts

    Evolon® microfilament textiles by Freudenberg Performance Materials have been developed to meet the most challenging demands for interior construction. The materials have been awarded UV protection factor (UPF) 80, the highest level of the UV Standard 801 at present. Evolon® fabrics have very good sound absorption properties. Thanks to its unique matt surface, the microfilament textile makes an excellent surface for digital printing. This offers a high degree of versatility when used in canopies, shutters etc.

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  • SoundTex

    Setting limits to sound: acoustic nonwovens

    High-performance Soundtex® acoustic nonwovens ensure optimal sound absorption in airports, train stations, schools, office and administrative buildings and conference centers. These light-weight acoustic nonwovens with textile structure outclass other sound absorbing materials such as mineral wool by far.

    Acoustic nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology are characterized by very low thermal insulation properties, making them perfect for acoustic ceilings with integrated heating or cooling systems.

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