Premium performance and efficiency

Resource-friendly technical textiles for the industry

Reliability resilience and performance are in particular demand when it comes to energy. Freudenberg Performance Materials offers technical textiles which are designed for this purpose. These technical textiles enhance the performance of innovative redox flow batteries and fuel cells and provide functional solutions for the electrical and cable industries.
  • Fuel Cell Components

    Leading the way: high-tech nonwovens for fuel cells

    Whether in the automotive industry as propulsion unit or range extender, whether for consumer electronics, forklift trucks, aerospace, back-up power or stationary electricity or power generation, fuel cell technology is becoming increasingly prevalent. Developed specifically for this pioneering market, gas diffusion layers (GDL) from Freudenberg Performance Materials are characterized by excellent quality standards and exceptional functional flexibility. Perfect management of reaction media optimized for all operation modes, high thermal and electric conductivity, optimum protection of the membrane against damage and very good processing properties are just a few of the features that characterize these advanced nonwovens.

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  • Cable Industry

    Reliable protection: nonwovens for the cable industry

    Freudenberg Performance Materials manufactures high-quality nonwovens for almost any application in the cable industry. Our products are part of modern cable constructions. They effectively protect cables against water penetration and contribute to the full functionality of even the most demanding cables throughout their entire service life. Our product portfolio includes conductive and non-conductive water-blocking tapes as well as binding, bedding and separation tapes. Because we are constantly adding new solutions to our portfolio, we not only offer customers nonwovens for use in medium-voltage cables, special, telecommunication and fiber-optic cables, but also provide them with high-tech solutions for high-voltage and submarine cables.

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  • Electrical Industry

    Safety through expertise: nonwovens for the electrical industry

    Nonwovens from Freudenberg Performance Materials make a crucial contribution to providing consumers, industry and public institutions with safe electricity. These nonwovens are continuously temperature resistant, durable and feature high impregnability, making them suitable for a wide variety of functions. In motors, generators and transformers, they act as a central component in phase and layer insulation and as a spacer between components. We also offer thermally extremely durable nonwovens for high-performance applications, which retain their efficiency even under tough conditions.

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