Evolon in new perfection: The SafeComfort protective suit

The fabricator P. Glatzeder GmbH and our Evolon team have jointly developed an ultra-innovative new protective suit. In yet another example of fruitful collaboration, Evolon® has made the SafeComfort protective suit a real all-rounder.

There are many protective suits on the market, but most of them offer little in the way of comfort: the material is stiff, heavy and bulky while the fabric is rarely breathable. If you wear a protective suit, you frequently find it difficult to move around freely. Instead, the plastic rustles and crackles when you walk and you perspire and feel uncomfortable. Whether at work on a construction site, a chemical company, power station, at the police station or elsewhere, this can quickly become an obstacle – especially in fields of work where protective clothing is part of everyday life. Who can work happily in such a restrictive suit?

The ideal choice of material

Together with P. Glatzeder, we have succeeded in developing the solution to these problems: the SafeComfort chemical protective suit. Its most innovative feature is the material from which it is made: a combination of an ultra-light Evolon® textile and a wafer-thin coating film. “We looked around for the best materials and found what we were looking for in Evolon®. It’s precisely the material we were looking for”, explained Kristin Glatzeder, Managing Director of P. Glatzeder, talking about how the development project began. The result of this highly productive collaboration is a protective suit made from a hydroentangled Evolon® microfilament textile with a breathable outer surface that offers outstanding protection against liquids, aerosols and fine particles.


The advantages of our chemical protective suit

  • The inner microfilament fleece guarantees a soft and skin-friendly wearing comfort.
  • The inside of the disposable chemical suit absorbs 4 times its own weight of liquid.
  • The breathable outer side continuously transports the liquid to the outside.

The inside of the SafeComfort suit is particularly special as well. The microfilament textile has numerous positive properties: high liquid absorption, excellent breathability and water vapor permeability, a tear-resistant, stable structure and environmentally friendly production methods. The textile is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1, and is therefore considered particularly skin-friendly. As a result, heat stress and perspiration are a thing of the past.


The use of Evolon® makes the SafeComfort protective suit a real all-rounder. The material feels pleasantly soft to the touch. At the same time, the inside of the suit can absorb four times its own weight in moisture and dries while still being worn. The combination of liquid absorption and breathability creates a gentle cooling effect during hard physical activity. On top of that, the lightweight suit follows every movement without making annoying noises. Certified according to the EN 13034, EN ISO 13982-1 and EN ISO 14605 standards, the SafeComfort protective suit has already been proving its value on the market since last year. A really cool success story.

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The SafeComfort protective suit

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