Hydroactive wound dressings

Hydroactive wound dressings for moist wound management

Accelerated healing processes thanks to innovative nonwovens, foams and laminates

Chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot or pressure sores, heal better when the wound is kept in a moist environment. Based on many years of groundbreaking research in the field of highly absorbent fibers, Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed innovative, hydroactive dressings for these applications. They include nonwovens made from hydrogelling fibers, hydrophilic polyurethane foams and nonwoven/foam laminates with excellent absorption and retention characteristics for wound exudate.

hydroactive wound dressings healing process

Hydroactive wound dressings support the healing process.

Hydroactive fibers for optimum healing

This is based on the following principle: The hydrogelling fibers form a gel when they come into contact with the wound. This gel absorbs a large amount of wound exudate (up to 25 times its own weight), conveys it to the core of the dressing and activates the healing process.

The dressings for moist therapy developed by Freudenberg Performance Materials have the following features:

  • High absorption
  • Stability, even when wet
  • Do not stick to the wound; changing the dressing is painless
  • Fibers do not have a toxic effect
  • Antimicrobial versions available for particularly problematic or infected wounds

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Shorter treatment, better quality of life – thanks to functionalized wound dressings

Hydroactive wound dressings accelerate the wound healing process, improving the patient’s quality of life and reducing the length and cost of treatment. In addition, Freudenberg Performance Materials develops customized solutions for individual requirements using different fibers, e.g. chitosan or other specific polymers.

hydroactive wound dressings at a glance

Hydroactive wound dressings at a glance.

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Hydroactive wound dressings

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