FPM battery pack liquid absorber

Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers

Climate and moisture management for lithium-ion battery packs

Battery Module humidity

Moisture created by water condensation

Battery packs are the core elements of mobile and stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems. They are used in automotive and industrial applications. The performance and lifespan of these components are largely responsible for the efficiency of the energy storage system. Moisture inside the packs can considerably diminish both function and lifespan. Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers from Freudenberg prevent this by reliably absorbing liquids inside battery packs.

Battery Module Leakeage

Leaking coolant in the battery pack

The challenge: Condensate and leaking coolant

Liquids leaking inside a battery pack can have a variety of causes. The humidity of the air is one major issue. Air enters into the battery pack, and moisture condenses inside the cooled pack. Another problem is coolant leaking out of the cooling system. In both cases, the absorbing fleece acts as a safety system to reliably capture and retain condensate and leaking coolant.

Freudenberg absorbent pad in the battery pack

Freudenberg absorbent pad in the battery pack

Absorbent pads reliably take up moisture

Freudenberg developed its Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers as absorbent pads that can reliably take up and store large volumes of liquid. The modular design allows for scaling of the absorption capacity, which is limited only by the available space. Customer-specific geometries can even be implemented thanks to the flexible material.

Stable, long-term protection of the battery pack

The pads are a long-lasting solution for climate and moisture management in battery packs. The fleece material quickly takes up condensate and stores it effectively. Even in an emergency, leaking coolant is quickly absorbed and reliably retained.


All benefits at a glance

  • Reliable moisture management for a long service life
  • Fast coolant absorption and reliable retention in emergencies
  • Adjustable absorption capacity thanks to modular design
  • Customer-specific geometries

Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers

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Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers

Inside Multilayer Construction

Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers

Liquid Retained inside the Pad

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Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers

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