This is how wetlaid nonwovens are made

In the wetlaid process, short cut fibers of up to 12 mm fiber length are suspended in water, using large tanks. Afterwards the water-fiber or the water-pulp dispersion is pumped and continuously deposited on a inclined forming wire. The water is sucked off, filtered and recycled. In addition to synthetic fibers, glass, ceramic and carbon fibers can also be processed.

The wetlaid process allows the formation of highly uniform webs, high precision in weight and thickness, and defined pore size and high porosity.

What makes Freudenberg wetlaid materials unique?

Freudenberg offers unique wetlaid production capabilities. Our technology can achieve the manufacture of nonwovens weighing from 8 to 250g/m² with a wide range of fibers such as polyester, glass, polyolefin, polyamide, viscose, pulp and polyvinyl alcohol. Fully-synthetic fiber wetlaid nonwovens are possible, as is the use of ultra-fine microfibers. Our wetlaid manufacturing line combines various thermal and chemical bonding technologies, enabling a wide range of thicknesses and drapabilities as well as very uniform distribution and porosity.

What applications are Freudenberg wetlaid nonwovens designed for?

Thanks to the high versality of its production line and product range, Freudenberg can meet the needs of key wetlaid markets: filtration, building&construction, food&beverage, energy, packaging.

Innovative and well-established wetlaid product solutions

One of the most well-known products based on Freudenberg wetlaid technology is SoundTex acoustic solutions which address the needs of architects in the building&construction sector. Glass fiber surfacing veils are well-established in the composite industry.

The most recent wetlaid innovations by Freudenberg include biodegradable nonwovens, packaging, filtration solutions for water treatment, food&beverage filtration, separators and pasting paper for batteries. Last but not least, our technology supports e-mobility with products such as heat shield materials for electric vehicles.

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