Elbphilharmonie: Sound artists in harmony

Soundtex® Acoustics

A feast for the eyes that turns space into sound: Hamburg’s magnificent Elbphilharmonie may already be a year old, but it has lost none of its power to fascinate. The building’s acoustic requirements were immense, right from the start – not just in the concert halls but also in the foyers, where Soundtex® ensures that harmony prevails.

It was a project full of architectural corners, edges, slopes and curves. The Lindner Group, Europe’s leading specialist in the areas of interior design, facade construction and insulation technology, laboriously installed around 700 square meters of ceiling area and more than 400 square meters of wall in the “Elphi”. The ceiling was cladded with an UV-varnished real wood veneer made from coco oak, the Lindner product FIREwood A2 classic acoustic.

The acoustic goal for the foyers was to reduce the high level of noise generated by the combination of reverberative glass and wood surfaces and the excited babble of visitors’ voices. Thanks to its high sound absorption values, our Soundtex® acoustic nonwoven was the natural choice to achieve this.

The teamwork with Freudenberg Performance Materials has already proven itself in many projects to be as valuable as the material itself.”

Georg Baumgartner, Productmanager at Lindner Group

Picture: www.Lindner-Group.com

Under the real wood veneer lies a 19 mm thick UV-varnished gypsum fiber board. A layer of Soundtex® that is just 0.2 mm thin was firmly bonded to the boards at the factory.

The required A2 class for the building materials and fire protection according to DIN 4102 could also be achieved because Soundtex® meets the high requirements of this classification.

Tiny holes bored in the wood and gypsum plates make the ceiling panels acoustically effective; the applied perforation is PE 8-8-1.5*. Between these plates and the concrete ceiling is a cavity of about 20 centimeters.

*Holes with 1,5mm diameter are arranged in a grid of 8mm.


Thanks to its lightweight, textile membrane structure and ease of application, Soundtex® is significantly superior to other sound-absorbing materials such as thick mineral wool, for example.

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