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Governments across the world have different testing standards and certification processes for mouth-nose PPE like face masks and respirators. Not all masks provide the same amount of protection; to ensure adequate defense from fluids and particulate matter for the task at hand, knowing what certifications to look for is the key. Follow our guide to see what mask is the right choice for your team.

ASTM rated masks for the United States

For those located in the United States, an ASTM-rated mask is the best choice for protection. These masks are tested using the ASTM International test method who sets forth a preferred international standard for materials used in healthcare that covers testing and requirements for material performance. As recommended by the federal government (Federal Food & Drug Administration), the masks are tested in five key performance areas: 
Differential pressure
Bacterial filtration efficiency
Particulate filtration efficiency
Fluid resistance

There are three levels of rating a mask can receive ranging from low (Level 1) to moderate (Level 2) to high (Level 3) protection. 


ASTM Chart

Which level should you choose? When in doubt, always opt for more protection. Level 1 masks are ideal for general usage in scenarios where there is not a risk of splatter or spray of fluids and aerosols. Opt for a Level 3 mask in situations where there is a high risk for fluid transfer like the operating room.


In Europe, face masks are tested according to a comparable standard – EN 14683 – which tests masks in for differential pressure, bacterial filtration efficiency, fluid resistance and flammability. In addition, masks are also tested for microbial cleanliness. 

EN 14683  Chart

Cerified masks by Freudenberg

Freudenberg Performance Materials manufactures ASTM Level 3 masks at our site in Durham, NC, USA along with N95 respirators
Type II masks are manufactured at our site in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
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