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Removing make-up with water alone? Kristin Glatzeder was enthusiastic about the Evolon® microfilament textile from Freudenberg Performance Materials and turned her fascination into a successful business idea. Her nu:ju® wipes are not only good for the face but are also gentle on the environment and the purse.

It was virtually love at first sight. The moment Kristin Glatzeder first came into contact with Evolon® as an intern at Freudenberg around 20 years ago, she became an enthusiastic fan of the versatile microfilament textile.

As the daughter of a nonwovens prefabricator from Detmold, Germany, she grew up into the material from her earliest days and recognized the potential of the product. Today, she is herself managing director of the family business and remains full of enthusiasm for Evolon®, which is manufactured by Freudenberg Performance Materials in Colmar, France.

“The material is lightweight, breathable, extremely absorbent and therefore predestined for a whole range of applications.”

Kristin Glatzeder, Managing Director, P. Glatzeder GmbH

Around 18 months ago, she developed nu:ju® - a product line made purely from Evolon® tissues. It started with her nu:ju® make-up removal tissue. The idea came to her when her own skin began to be irritated by conventional cleansers.

“Evolon® is very skin-friendly and doesn’t require surfactants or chemicals. This makes it perfect for the gentle cleansing of sensitive facial areas.”

Nuju wipe

Cotton pads, eye make-up remover, cleansing lotion, face tonic – a lot of money is being spend on daily facial cleansing. For 2017, total market volume for skin care products will be USD 128 billion. nu:ju® tissues work without any additional cosmetic products and thus save money.

Forecast total market volume for skin care products from 2017 through 2024 (in billion US-Dollar)


Source: / © Statista 2017

“Evolon® is made of polyester and polyamide. Binders or impregnating agents are not used in its production. Best of all, the wipes avoid waste. All you need to do is wash them and they are ready for use again.”

Kristin Glatzeder

This tissue also makes a convincing argument for itself in terms of sustainability. An important reason for Petra Drißen, blogger at, to test the nu:ju® tissues and capture her results on video:


In the meantime, Glatzeder has also launched a sports towel onto the market.

“Because Evolon® is free from harmful substances, many allergy sufferers choose our products too. Enhancing the tissues with silver ions also provides antibacterial properties and boosts hygiene.”


Ralf Strecke, blogger at, is also convinced. As an independent product tester, articles about wellness and beauty always catch his eye. “To begin with, I was a little bemused when I first held the tissues in my hands. This lightweight material is supposed to absorb moisture like my fluffy sports towels?”, said the certified sports scientist. But he was quick to discover the error of his first impression:

“The nu:ju® sports towel is not only absorbent but also dries quickly and doesn’t smell musty.”

Ralf Strecke, blogger at

The products are sold mainly via the company’s own webshop ( and a large online mail order company.

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