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a.) Language and country
b.) Browser settings and installed plug-ins
c.) Data relating to the use of our website

Cookies are small text files that often contain a unique identifier and that a web server stores on your hard drive. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server for the domain that stored the cookie on your computer. They often consist of a series of numbers and letters that clearly identify your computer, but they may also contain other information. Some cookies (so-called “session cookies”) are only stored for the duration of your visit to our website. Other, long-term cookies can still be stored on your computer after your visit, and our website can access them (the so-called “ID cookies”) every time that you visit our websites. Other companies can store and call up some of the cookies that are stored on our website during your visit.

You can personally control whether cookies are actually stored using the security settings on your browser -- by not accepting cookies from the outset or by only accepting them on request or ensuring that cookies are deleted every time your browser is closed. Please be aware that this can restrict the usability of certain website services and that certain services or sections of the website can only function properly with the placement of cookies.

Cookies from third-party companies

This website integrates YouTube videos. When the site is called up, cookies are stored on your computer. But YouTube also files non-personal, use-related information in other cookies. You can find Google's data privacy declaration here, which also applies to YouTube.

Cookies used by Sitecore


This analytics cookie is provided by Sitecore. It stores wether or not the Sitecore Experience View Mode is enabled. This cookie is not used to identify individuals using the website.

This cookie is provided by Sitecore. This cookie tracks a user's language selection. The name of the cookie varies based on the configured site name.

This cookie will be set, if you accept the general agreement to save cookies, while browsing on our website. Lifetime: 30 days.

Cookies used by CookieCuttr

cc_cookie_accept & cc_cookie_decline
Both cookies are set after the user’s decission to the cookie usage. They won’t be deleted after the session ends to restore the users choicse for the next session. Depending on the decission one cookie contains a possitive information flag, and the other cookie is empty. Theses cookies are not used to identify individuals using the Website.

Cookies used by ASP.NET MVC 5.1

Razor ASP.NET_SessionId
This cookie is set by ASP.NET itself to store session data. This cookie will be deleted when the sessions end. This cookie is not used to identify individuals using the Website.

This website only uses cookies that are absolutely necessary. An explanation of which cookies we use can be found on our Cookie page.

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