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Should you buy something off the shelf or from the catalog? If you have a bit of confidence in your own abilities, you can take matters into your own hands. DIY – do-it-yourself – is a current trend in Australia too, where the rediscovered joy of self-expression is becoming an expression of self-realization and individuality.

With around three inhabitants per square kilometer, the land “Down Under” is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth.

By way of comparison, Germany has roughly 229 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Australia is a multicultural melting pot. Aboriginals, Asians and Europeans all live peacefully together in the sixth largest country on the planet after Russia, Canada, USA, China and Brazil. To express their personality and individuality, more and more Australians are reaching for the brush, the sewing machine or needle and thread. Handicrafts are currently a booming trend, as evidenced by the “Crafts and Quilt Fair” held at the end of July in Melbourne. Exhibitors from all over the world took the opportunity to present their latest hot products in Do-It-Yourself to the trade fair visitors. From papermaking to crockery painting and textile design – the possibilities to express your individual creativity seem almost endless.

“Do it differently, do your own thing!” seems to be the current motto here in Australia

David White, General Manager, Freudenberg Pty Ltd., Australia.

As manager of the traditional Vlieseline brand in Victoria, Australia, Davide White is well versed in creative crafts.

Whether it is a patchwork quilt, a toiletries bag or a piece of clothing tailored to your own design, Vlieseline sewing aids, interlinings and tapes can be used to form clothing parts, stabilize edges or even make it easier to embroider cushions. “Vlieseline is very popular with Aussie hobbyists and they keep a close eye on which new products we bring to market”, added White. “That is why we need to keep pace with all the latest trends.”

Making things yourself is becoming increasingly popular with young people

“This year our newest product, Style-Vil, was particularly popular with the young audience”, explained Suzanne Lewis, who works for Freudenberg Vilene. “The fleece is a valuable aid when making beach bags, for example, which are currently fashionable. At the same time, it gives the bags stability and volume.” Together with her colleague, Fiona Pirrie, she passed on tips and tricks to the trade fair visitors to help with their respective projects throughout the four-day event. “The range of ideas really knows no limits”, observed Pirrie after the trade show. “It’s great to see how much creativity there is in our fellow Aussies.”

More about Vlieseline and hobby tailoring: vlieseline.com

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