Metal ceiling, airport, India

Effective sound absorption in airports

Acoustic nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology fulfill all modern sound insulation requirements

Sound Absorption Coefficient ISO 354

Sound Absorption Coefficient ISO 354

The challenge

Sound absorption in airport buildings needs to meet demanding requirements, including:

  • Extremely high and diverse noise pollution
  • Highly reflective building materials
  • Strict fire safety regulations
  • The highest possible level of sustainability and energy efficiency

The solution

At many airports around the world, owners, operators, architects, general contractors and interior designers have already opted for sound-absorbing nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology from Freudenberg Performance Materials. They particularly appreciate the following advantages:

  • Effective sound absorption
  • Improved intelligibility of announcements
  • Easy installation
  • No negative effects on architecture
  • Low bulk volume
  • Environmental compatibility thanks to no harmful substances being used
  • Non-flammable
How Soundtex® works

Facts and figures about nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology

  • Weight: 63 grams per square meter
  • Thickness: 0.27 millimeters
  • Installed in suspended perforated metal ceilings

The project

Air traffic in India is booming and demands on the performance of acoustic solutions in modern buildings are growing. At the same time, sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. In August 2012, the international trade journal “EPC World” devoted a detailed report to the subject of acoustic nonwovens in airports. The report focused on the nonwoven fabric based on SoundTex technology developed by Freudenberg Performance Materials. Within just two years, this acoustic nonwoven had convinced the planners of five major Indian airports. What tipped the scales?

Nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology

  • Meet the acoustic requirements of modern building interiors and their highly reflective surfaces
  • Do not release toxic fumes in the event of fire
  • Support the trend towards sustainable construction
  • Are suitable for cooled ceilings thanks to higher energy efficiency
  • Reduce transportation and storage costs due to low weight

Another decisive criterion for the planners was the quality of advice available from Freudenberg Performance Materials. Every customer enjoys the personal support of experienced acoustics experts.

Acoustic nonwovens based on Soundtex® technology are being used in the following Indian airports:

  • Indira Gandhi Delhi International Airport T3 Terminal, New Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
  • Amritsar Airport, Punjab
  • Bengaluru International Airport, Bangalore


Versatile Applications


Wooden ceiling, basketball arena, USA

Special shaped ceiling, airport, Emirates

Special shaped ceiling, airport, Emirates

Metal ceiling, office, Luxembourg

Metal ceiling, office, Luxembourg

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