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Innovative nonwovens and polyurethane foams accelerate healing

A new understanding of health and our own bodies, the increase of chronic diseases due to growing life expectancy and the greater active involvement of patients are all providing new challenges for medical technology. Modern product solutions need to support the self-healing powers of the body, accelerate the healing process and enhance wellbeing. High performance nonwovens and polyurethane foams from Freudenberg Performance Materials have been designed to meet these requirements.

Whether in first aid dressings for everyday use or in modern, multi-layer dressings for chronic wounds, our products offer appropriate solutions and contribute to the recovery process. We place extremely high value on the biocompatibility and tolerability of our raw materials. Freudenberg components are used in Class 1-3 medical devices and in FDA-certified products.

Our solutions at a glance

  • Advanced Wound Care

    Advanced Wound Care solutions: foams and nonwovens

    Modern wound dressings are used to treat complex, hard-to-heal wounds such as pressure sores and diabetic foot or leg, for example.

    Freudenberg Performance Materials manufactures innovative product solutions for these applications. These include nonwovens made from hydrogelling fibers, hydrophilic polyurethane foams and nonwoven/foam laminates with excellent absorption and retention characteristics.

    The systems absorb wound exudate and create an ideal environment for the healing of chronic wounds. They thus contribute to the quality of life of patients and support the healing process. Both treatment time and costs can be significantly reduced.

    Through our latest innovations, such as antimicrobial foam systems or nonwovens made from chitosan fibers used in hemostatic wound dressings, we make a significant contribution to treatment success.

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  • Traditional Wound Care

    Effective nonwovens for Traditional Wound Care

    Freudenberg Performance Materials manufactures innovative nonwoven components for traditional wound care. Whether for classic first aid dressings, post-operative wound dressings or compresses, our materials offer the right solution for every customer and are the safe choice for a gentle healing process. We offer nonwovens with different wound contact layers and absorption capacities and wound pad materials with antimicrobial properties, as well as cross and bi-elastic backing materials. Because we continuously improve our products, customers can rest assured that the latest findings are always incorporated into the production process.

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  • Stomaversorgung

    More quality of life: components for stome care

    Innovative components from Freudenberg Performance Materials offer safety and comfort to patients who become dependent on ostomy pouches following an operation. In these applications, odor control is of utmost importance. Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed innovative activated carbon filters that adsorb odors and thus significantly improve the wellbeing of stoma patients.

    Our portfolio includes solutions for different requirements, developed on the basis of the latest production and finishing technologies, from roll goods to required shapes and designs, such as ileostomy or colostomy filters. Soft nonwovens for covering the bags (comfort covers) and nonwovens with high tensile strength and good weldability for flanges complete our range.

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  • Anti Allergy Encasings

    Sleep restful: allergy protection with anti-mite encasings

    Anti-mite encasings made from Evolon® enable house dust mite allergy sufferers to enjoy restful sleep. The dense microfilament structure of the material provides an effective physical barrier against allergens. This protection remains constant even after many wash cycles. In addition, the breathable fabric wicks away nocturnal perspiration and releases it through micro air channels. Free from coatings and chemical additives, Evolon® meets the strictest standards and has been certified by renowned, independent institutes, amongst which the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

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  • Transdermal Solutions

    Transdermal solutions

    Transdermal medication is on the rise worldwide – and for good reason. Unlike traditional local pain therapies and medications with pills, transdermal drug delivery has no affect on the body’s digestive system. In addition, pharmaceutically active ingredients can be accurately and safely dosed in a simple manner. Precisely for these applications, Freudenberg Performance Materials offers very soft, flexible and conformable backing materials and release liners that protect the adhesive surface. For non-injection, targeted medications such as nicotine patches and hormone patches, our innovative ultra-thin nonwoven-film composites provide the ideal solution.

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  • Washable Incontinence Pads

    Washable and absorbent: Evolon mattress pads

    Whether in the hospital, nursing home or domestic environment, incontinence mattress pads are subjected to high loads. Textile materials based on Evolon® technology offer all the features required to survive in these areas. They are distinguished by their outstanding absorption power and can absorb up to 400 percent of their own weight in liquid. Because the material is washable up to 95°C and dries quickly, it makes everyday life in care environments significantly easier. In addition, it can be very effectively processed. The microfilament textiles made using Evolon technology are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I certified, which certifies they are free from harmful subtances.

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  • Cosmetic Wipes

    Wipes: a clean solution based on Evolon

    Cosmetic wipes based on Evolon® technology are perfect for daily skin care. The material with microfilaments is produced using hydroentanglement, which means that no binder is needed. As a result, the fabric is particularly pleasant on the skin. Impurities and make-up can be gently captured and thoroughly removed at the same time. Thanks to its surface structure, Evolon® works like a gentle exfoliation and also has the advantage of not leaving any fuzz on the skin.

    Because the high-tech material can be used both dry and wet, it is suitable for use in different types of cosmetic wipes

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